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23 Pakistani American. Biology Major. If you ever want to talk, you can always message me :)

One of the biggest personal challenges (I know it’s nothing compared to what other Muslims go through, so even this being one of my only challenges, is a blessing) is me giving up music for a MONTH.

Before Ramadan, I listened to music ALL THE TIME, most of my blog was music related, whether I’m cleaning, studying, working out (which I rarely do LOL, sigh) , or whatever I listen to music. A lot of the friendships I make is through music as well. It’s literally a huge part of my personality.

So my question is: Is there ANY Muslim here that has stopped listening to music?! Anyone who was obsessed before?!

Tbh I don’t see myself in the near future ever stopping. Even though I never listened to music this Ramadan I did sing, and that made me very happy lol. But I did get stronger in terms of not being that addicted.

Last yr I lasted 13 days, this yr did the whole month so far.

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But onto more important stuff. AlhumdilAllah I’m pretty happy with myself that I got to accomplish some of my major goals for Ramadan. There is still A LOT I need to improve. But I feel like I’m improving every year slowly. InshAllah the habits I have developed this Ramadan continue afterwards as well. May Allah swt forgive me for all the mistakes I’ve made.

Plus this month gave me so much positive energy alhumdilAllah to inshAllah accomplish other non-religion related stuff as well. It has given me the push to change my lifestyle in different ways.

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as the moon is breaking little by little so is my heart, knowing that ramadan will soon depart.

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My fear right now is losing everything I worked toward this Ramadan.

يا الله صلني إليك و ثبت قلبي على دينك.

My heart aches thinking about it.

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I just got off a skype call with my aunt… she just got back from the mosque the community and Haris Suleman’s family was gathered today. she’s still crying and her house was weirdly quiet because everyone’s so upset

I never met the kid (he was born after we moved so even if I did meet him when I…

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You know when you feel so broken and distorted that you can’t even formulate words to describe your emotions. That’s when you helplessly make dua, to the one and only being who can help you, and words begin to fall into place. Emotions begin to make sense, your heart begins to heal.

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A close family member of mine passed away today. If you guys could all keep him in your Duas, it will be great. He was a pious man, one who everyone loved and respected. May Allah provide him with maghfirat and us with sabr. JazakAllah Khair.

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Once you get this you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to your top 10 favourite followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard, but it will make you feel better. So give it a go for the sake of positivity! :)

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1) I’m really good with kids. No matter how old they are, I can have a long conversation with them and never get bored haha.

2) I’m pretty passionate about my culture. I know how to speak Urdu fluently despite me being born here.

3) I’m a great listener and observer! If one of my friends is upset, I can instantly feel it, will try my best to give comfort.

4) I have a diverse taste in music! People seem to like it :D

5) I’m pretty sensitive, and after many years learned that it’s a positive aspect about me vs a negative.

Ahh I have more than 10 favorite followers lol but I will try to tag a few new ppl.

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Sorry if I missed anyone! Hope you guys do it :D

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Happy Birthday to my 10 year old sister Alisha! When I was little I always used to pray that I get a little sister (sigh how much I regret it now) lol just kidding

I love you!! I’m so grateful to have a sister like you alhumdilAllah. It’s fun obsessing over Ariana Grande with you!😂😂. thanks for always listening to my problems even though half of the time you don’t fully understand haha

After Ramadan I’ll sing Selena Gomez’s Birthday song for you hahah

May Allah swt make all your duas come true inshAllah

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but who has the right to judge me because of my dreams?


but who has the right to judge me because of my dreams?

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